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The Battle

Natural Warrior Tea was born out of a personal struggle to find a healthy energy boost that does not slowly wreak havoc on the body as many energy drinks do or cause crashing like coffee.

I (Grace) became seriously ill after my attempts to push my limits in work and personal life (which involved heavy reliance on coffee) finally caught up to me. I was not going to simply accept this outcome because of the firm belief that we must take life into our own hands.

The Triumph

After 2 years of studying various diets and lifestyle habits that would allow me to understand how to maintain optimal health while juggling a fast paced routine, I realized using tea with a purpose is commonly overlooked.

The sad part is I always knew tea has always been an ideal method to re-balancing the body due to growing up in a traditional Chinese family, but did not think much of it. There are actually specific teas for specific benefits.

This knowledge is not as common as it should be and many widely sold teas are laced with pesticides, additives, or synthetic ingredients. 

The Philosophy

Natural Warrior Tea is a mission to improve upon our constant battle to find ways of staying energized throughout the day by providing high quality, pure organic teas to all the warriors out there. 

We source rare tea from small farms in China and South America that demonstrate remarkable quality and complexity as part of our overall mission.

Yours Truly,

Grace Lee




Grace is the founder of Natural Warrior Tea. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2013. As a Reno, Nevada native and avid Tetris player, Grace enjoys trekking the Tahoe wilderness in the summer, playing basketball, and spends the majority of her days learning about the intricacies of tea.