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Dragonwell Guardian Brew

Type: Green Tea

Origin: Zhejiang, China

Flavor Notes: Toasty, Nutty, Watercress

Dragonwell tea has a deep history as one of the most popular teas in China. Our dragonwell is a rare and delicate green tea that packs a serious punch to your taste buds. You put hours and hours into being awesome at whatever you do. Likewise, hours and hours of time was put into this tea to make it special.

Thousands of leaf buds were hand picked before being pan fried, pressed, and skill fully tossed by the tea master, resulting in is phenomenal texture and unmatched purity not found in any of the mass produced dragonwells you commonly see.

You will be motivated to crush your day with this, especially because it has one of the highest concentration of catechins (disease fighting flavenoid and antixodiant) compared to other teas. The taste of freshly toasted chestnuts and slight hint of watercress alone will motivate you to work harder, better, faster, stronger.



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